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Lawsuits / Garnishments

When you're having money problems ... a lawsuit is the last thing you want. If you've been sued ... this is an EMERGENCY SITUATION! You have a very limited time to respond.  A phone call or a letter will not do. You must respond properly to protect wages & property!

If you do nothing like some people ... you will automatically lose the lawsuit. Then your wages & bank account can be garnished or levied!

A wage garnishment is a frustrating experience. Creditors can collect up to 25%+ of your wages to satisfy a judgment. If you are experiencing financial difficulties ... 25% can be devastating!

Sources of Wage Garnishments

  • Unpaid Credit card debts
  • Unpaid Medical bills
  • Money still owed after a repossession.
  • Money still owed after a foreclosure. (Yes ... you can still owe money after a foreclosure / shortsale!)
  • IRS
  • ETC

Stopping Lawsuits & Wage Garnishments

The moment. The second we file your bankruptcy ... an Automatic Stay goes into effect. Most money you earn after the Automatic Stay goes into effect ... you keep.  The Automatic Stays stops:

  • Lawsuits
  • Garnishments
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures
  • IRS / TAXES 

The sooner we file your case ... the sooner you are under the protection of the Automatic Stay.


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Law Suits & Garnishments
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